Halid ALI
Professional Scrum Developer

Halid Ali, PSD

Senior Software Development Engineer

I am a people-person and have more than 9 years of software development engineering experience, with strong analytical skills and computer expertise. Currently, I am working at Siemens as a C# Software Development Engineer.

I am always striving to bring 100% to the work that I do. As a software engineer, my goal is to improve my software development and design skills to the highest level. I also want to improve my communication and management skills. In long term, my goal is to lead a team of software developers.

When I'm not working, mostly I like to spend my time with my 4-years-old boy, who loves wrestling with me, building towers with plastic cups and playing with his toy cars. Also, I like playing computer games, reading books if I find times.

I have multiple citizenships of Bulgaria and Turkey. Thus, I don't have any obstacle to work and resident in European countries. I don't need any visa sponsorship. I'm willing to relocate internationally with my family. Preferably, I want to work and relocate to Germany or the Netherlands. I feel close myself to the culture of those countries.